Bukkit inventory slots

bukkit inventory slots

setSlot(slot_number, itemstack) you can iterate through slot numbers and set them to items with names/amounts to figure out Bukkit slot. if(player. getInventory ().getSize() > 7) getSize() always returns 36, is there anyway i can do the same thing but if they have like 1 slot in use like  Question - Inventory Slots. public interface PlayerInventory extends Inventory. Interface to the inventory of a Player, including the four armor slots and any extra slots.

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Finds all slots in the inventory containing any ItemStacks with the given ItemStack. Modifications to slots that are modified by the results of this InventoryClickEvent can be overwritten. Determine the type of inventory involved in the transaction. Stores the ItemStack at the given index of the inventory. Magic value Checks if the inventory contains any ItemStacks with the given materialId, adding to at least the minimum amount specified.

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Jedoch könnten sich die Items ja Stacken, da sie die selben sind. The slot index of the given Material or -1 if not found Throws: I just gave you the code String getTitle Get the title of this inventory window. Stuppsman bei dir werden alle Items in den gleichen Topf geworfen. SlotType getSlotType Gets the type of slot that was clicked.

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Bukkit Coding: Episode 2 - Custom Inventory bukkit inventory slots


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